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What Type of Car Seat Do I Need for a Newborn?

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A new parent always gets excited once they are pregnant. They dream about buying essentials when their babies are in the womb itself. Choosing essential items for your baby can be difficult. But proper conditions, tips, and tricks can make it easier.

Specifically, traveling is the most important element in a baby’s life. Ensuring the safety of your car while road tripping with your baby is vital. Picking the best car seat for reflux babies is even more complicated.

Best car seat for your newborn

From bringing your baby from the hospital for the first time to road trips, you will need a car for transportation. A car seat is a major essential for your baby checklist. It is worrying but easy when you have proper knowledge of how to choose a car.

Go for a rear-facing or a convertible car seat. It’s advisable to choose a convertible car seat as you can use it until they become toddlers. Choosing the best car seat for a reflux baby is even more stressful, but it’s one of the most important investments. It is also expensive.

Types of car seats

There are three major types of car seats that suit your baby depending on their age, height, and weight. As a parent choose the best car seat which is safe and comfortable for your baby while traveling.

  • Infant car seat
  • Convertible car seat
  • Booster car seat

Infant car seat

An infant car seat is made for younger babies. You can use it until your baby reaches the seat’s height or weight limits, which are around 1.5 years old.  An infant seat rear faces in the car and can get attached to the base of the seat.

Convertible car seat

You can use a convertible car seat in multiple ways. Parents planning to have a single child can go for this option. This is the best car seat for reflux babies if the position is not comfortable for them. So you can flip them from rear-facing to forward-facing seats.

You can use them from day one to preschool years. Convertible car seats are bulkier compared to infant car seats. It is safe when compared to other types of car seats, especially for newborns.What Type of Car Seat Do I Need for a Newborn

Booster car seat

Booster car seat explanation comes from the name itself, which boosts your child up higher in your car’s seat. This safeguards your child’s body at the correct points to hold them securely. These are exclusively designed for children are at least four years old or over 15 kilograms. This is the best car seat for reflux babies if they still undergo constipation or vomiting sensation during the journey.

Safety measures and features

Before buying a car seat for your baby, you need to check the manual regarding safety features. Check whether it is approved for safety. You can attach it as a seat belt, tethers, or lower anchors for kids.

When you choose a lower anchor to fix a suitable place for your child. Before buying a car seat ensure the base space of a car seat for your car has large or narrow room space. If your car is small enough some car seats may not fit. So choose a car seat, which fits your car. It’s about the safety of your baby.

Check for features like cushion fabric and other accessories of the car seat. The fabric of the cushion should be easy to clean so better go for a material like a corduroy soft for newborns.

Installation is the next feature you have to ensure which car seat suits your baby depending on the age, height, and weight of your baby. Ensure that you fix the car seat as per the instruction manual and diagrams as given by manufacturers. If you struggle in fixing a car seat for your baby, find a child safety allowed professional for installations.

How to travel with your baby?

Planning a road trip with your baby can be a strenuous job. Keeping your little one content throughout the journey is a significant task. It can be stressful, but they are not actually. A car ride is safer than other modes of journey.

Especially when your baby tantrums, you will focus your attention on their needs instead of worrying. Particularly babies with conditions like often spitting, vomiting and constipation issues (reflux baby) need emergency bathroom breaks.What Type of Car Seat Do I Need for a Newborn

Guidelines for travel with your babies

  • First, prepare your car. Ensure that your vehicle is safe to travel. Begin your journey with a clean and dirt-free car. The owner’s manual is vital for long trips. You can load your luggage and keep your baby’s kinds of stuff nearby.
  • Pack your baby’s kit wisely. Besides the usual baby’s essential, you will need additional quantities. Particularly diapers and wipes are indispensable and needed in extra numbers. Extra clothes, blankets, trash bin, and toys.
  • You can also wear a nursing cover if it makes you feel more comfortable. Pack small milk saved pump along with you to store the breast milk. It is advisable only up to 4 hours after pumping.
  • It is better to take frequent breaks for every one to three hours. Breaks are essential to change diapers, clothes to eat and to stretch legs. Plan for stops every 1-3 hours during the day journey and 3-6 hours during night travel.
  • Especially for babies with reflux conditions. It is better to have a first aid kit whenever you plan for road trips. You don’t want any trouble, but it’s wise to get prepared. Take your baby’s prescriptions along with you.
  • Providing a happy ride to your child is very important. You can pack a set of toys for entertainment.  Likewise, plan a fruitful and happy journey for your infants. Toddlers might enjoy watching nature while traveling.
  • Carry either a portable bed or a bassinet with you for baby’s nap times. You can also take travel cribs available in the affordable price range.
  • Parents should also take care of their essentials. Make sure you provide a comfortable seating arrangement for your little ones. Ensure a safe and comfy ride for your babies. Use window shades to protect your infants from sunlight. Specifically, parents should provide the best car seat for reflux babies to avoid vomiting.


Now parents can get a clear vision of choosing the car seat for their babies. Buying the best car seat for the reflux baby needs extra care. Parents should not get stressed because overall it is going to be an amazing experience. Parenting can overwhelm at the beginning taking care of your baby but needs a lot of patience.

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