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Sleeping well, and Maintaining Safety During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy calls for the best quality of sleep. Unfortunately, this is the period when one hardly gets any sleep. Quality aside, the amount of sleep is usually below the levels one would desire. Some may argue that getting the best mattress for pregnancy helps in encouraging sleep. However, it usually takes more than that. There is a wholesome combination of requirements towards achieving desired sleep levels, while maintaining safety.

Sleep on your left side, it is the best PositionSleeping well, and Maintaining Safety During Pregnancy

In the second and third trimesters, the belly will have grown really big. Then, finding a suitable sleeping position proves quite a challenge. The best position is on the left as it allows free flow of blood and nutrients to the baby. Should one feel exhausted, it is not a crime to turn to the right side. However, that should be reverted to the recommended left as soon as possible. Sleeping on your back and stomach are highly discouraged. Sleeping on the back restrains blood flow and could cause heartburns. On the other hand, sleeping on your stomach gets almost impractical with time.

Purchase a Maternity Pillow

To sleep properly and comfortably on the left, most women need some support. That kind of support can be provided through a maternity pillow. There are plenty of pillows designed for specific body parts such as the belly, back, and even legs. To get a wholesome experience, it would be wise to purchase an upper body pillow or even a full size one where available. Look out for detachable pillows that in turn are changeable from full body into smaller versions for other areas. A comfortable mattress in combination with a good pillow goes a long way in achieving belly support. That is important as it helps relieve pressure on the spine and avoid back pains as a result.

Work out During Morning Hours

Proper exercise helps in regulating sleeping patterns. Pregnant women are no exception, and working out in the morning ensures relaxation in later hours. As such, sleep comes easily, and naturally in the evening. Examples of suitable workouts include swimming, gentle yoga, and planks. Weight lifting above your head, contact sports, and rough activities are to avoided at all costs.

Take less Fluids in the Evening

Most pregnant women will bear witness that peeing often is characteristic of most pregnancies. It begins in the first semester and intensity escalates with time. As a result, cut down on fluid intake in the evenings. If you have to take anything, let it be plain water. The lesser the bathroom visits, the lesser your sleep gets interrupted.

Eat Lightly and Stand Upright

Another effect of pregnancies is heartburns, and they come late into the night. To avoid heartburns, do not stay on your sofa or go straight to bed after eating. Stand upright for some time before heading to bed. However, should the heartburns be severe, seek medical advice on what medication you can take. Generally, avoiding spicy, fried, and acidic foods serves in the best interests of a heartburn-free night.

Give Relaxation Techniques a Try

Other than purchasing a suitable mattress, some relaxation tips compliment in achieving sleep satisfactions. For instance, meditate before bed, practice some yoga, take warm baths, and ensure your room has an ambience that attracts sleep.


For some people, it remains hard a task to get some good sleep. If you have tried all of the above, and still find it hard to get some sleep, you might want to see a physician. Some pregnancies could come with complications such as sleep apnea, and insomnia. Those require the attention of a qualified specialist.

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