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love is lightning, fire and light

jennacallen2wcoals 0

love is lightning, fire and light.
it roars like lions, rolls like thunder;
vanquishes, but does not fight.
it is powerful, merciless, meek, mild,
dark, deep, fearsome. wild.
remains cool while burnishing; is gentle; bold.
gives birth each morning; is incredibly old.

love is sturm und drang;
still as night,
smooth as sleeping water,
blind; has perpetual sight.
it is holy and wholly;
small, great; contradictory, true.
does not defend itself,
never demands its due.

love teaches, listens, reflects, absorbs,
deepens, changes; stays its course.
forces our hand with its gentleness,
subdues our wills without remorse.
i fear it, long for it, turn to it, run away.
i am repelled, compelled, make threats,
offer curses, order its departure,
plead with it to stay.

love is born in a shed on a hillside,
sits on the right side of God.
it sweats, weeps, bleeds, prays in a garden.
is divine, human; simple, complex. odd.
the wise of the world always miss it,
i admit, tis a mystery to me:
that love can be so incalculably costly
and remain so utterly free.

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