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Choosing the Perfect Water Bottle for Various Activities

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Over the years, water bottle design has revolutionized. Various manufacturers seek to cover various niches, all towards improving the customers experience. Therefore, a task as simple as getting the best glass water bottles could prove quite tricky. There is more than enough information available, and that could be confusing.

Plastic Water Bottles

Bottles made of plastic are the most common. Reason being plastic is lightweight and quite cheap. It also easily manipulatable into different shapes, color, and design. Its translucent nature also helps in keeping track of water consumption. And while there has been concerns on BPA, most plastic bottle makers provide safe products.

Stainless Steel Bottles

These types of bottles are usually double-walled with a vacuum. Therefore, they maintain temperatures. With proper care, they are quite durable though prone to dents and scratches. The material used (food-grade 18/8 stainless steel) poses less hazards. Perhaps, the only disadvantage is the extra weight.

Glass Bottles

Those after the highest water purity levels, will definitely favor bottles made of glass. For quite a long time, glass has been considered safe storage for consumables. Water storage is not an exception. Unfortunately, using glass products in the outdoors could be quite risky as they are prone to breakages. Not to mention, glass products are significantly heavy.Choosing the Perfect Water Bottle for Various Activities1

Collapsible Bottles

Such bottles comprise of a collapsible plastic pouch with a small lid at the top. It is the furthest we get in terms of flexibility and lightweight attributes. However, they would prove a bit hard to use for athletes. As the water levels reduce, it could be a bit hard to carry. Hikers might fall in love though as such bottles do not take up much space when empty.

Why Purchase a Re-usable Bottle?

Up to this point, some might be wondering why they would go through all the trouble of purchasing a bottle and having to use it every other time. Well, re-using serves in favor of various genuine concerns.

  • For every re-use you help in stopping what would have been littering by using disposable water bottles. That applies for every refill, illustrating how re-using goes a long way in conserving the environment.
  • Every time your purchase water in a disposable bottle, you purchase the bottle as well. In the long run you will have spent way too much on bottles.
  • Most jurisdictions have their tap water tested and certified as safe for consumption. Thus, it lacks in nothing compared to bottled water. If still pessimistic, feel free to boil the water and let it cool before bottling it.

Considerations Before Purchase

One chooses the bottle depending on intended use. The kind of activity will inform whether you go for a plastic, glass, collapsible, or stainless-steel bottle. Other dynamics include how you want the drink dispensed from the bottle chosen. Some bottles come with nozzles while some have lids, which you have to open every time you need to take a sip. Others have narrow openings compared to others. The last important question worth asking self is whether you intend to carry hot or cold drinks. For hot drinks, the best choice is stainless steel quite obviously. Glass bottles can store moderately hot drinks as well. Unfortunately, too hot drinks might lead to breakages, and you should not even consider a plastic or collapsible bottle. Finally, you can use the information above to find a bottle that is usable in various activities. That saves on the cost of buying a bottle for every activity.


Hopefully, you now know what bottle best suits your needs. If still confused, there is plenty of information out there. Furthermore, a quick glance through plenty of what is provided above, and you will be good to go.

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