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Are Air Purifiers Safe for Newborns?

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Air purifiers are devices that many consumers now using to reduce indoor air pollution. However, are air cleaners safe for babies? Which air purifier is safe for the baby? How to buy the best baby air purifier?

Air purifiers today are used to help remove indoor room contaminants and provide fresh air. It diversifies air current to meet the different needs of consumers. However, is the air purifier safe?

What is an air purifier?

An air purifier is a device that removes harmful air pollutants from the air and delivers clean, safe air through the built-in filtration system. Air purifiers today are very popular and used to bring high efficiency.Are Air Purifiers Safe for Newborns

What are the benefits of air cleaners?

1. Filter dust

Dust is one of the most polluting elements in the air, PM2.5 ultrafine dust particles, which are dangerous to human health. They equip the air purifier with a HEPA filter system capable of removing PM2.5 ultrafine dust, up to 99.97% of microscopic 0.3-micron particles. Therefore, the air purifier can remove dirt in the air.

2. Eliminate smell

The activated carbon filter system in the air purifier can remove odors including mold smells, food odors, tobacco smoke, toxic smell, VOC, and so on to help bring fresh air, safe for health.

3. Provide moisture

Air purifiers often incorporate air humidification features that bring convenience to consumers. The air purifier incorporates a humidifying feature or can perform two at the same time. This is one of the outstanding features of this product line that consumers always believe in.

4. Desiccant feature

In the prime humidity days, air purifiers can also include a dehumidifying function for customer convenience. The air purifier incorporates a dehumidifying feature that provides an ideal atmosphere for your family on prime humidity days.

Eliminate allergens: The HEPA filter is one of the most important elements of the machine that help keep micro-particles in the air of 0.3 microns, including allergens such as chalk flower.

Other features: The air purifier for the family has the feature of catching insects, creating ions, and so on giving customers many choices, improving the quality of life.

5. Antibacterial function

This is the most important use of air purifiers. Antibacterial ability, eliminate allergens, preventing airborne diseases thus help to protect the baby’s health.

Some other features of kid’s air purifiers. Some air purifiers also have the added effect of humidifying (moisturizing), adding moisture to limit dry skin, rhinitis. It is very good for children in a large air-conditioned room.

The benefits we analyzed above must have given you an answer about whether to use infant air cleaners. Optimal protection for your baby’s health.Are Air Purifiers Safe for Newborns

Note when choosing to buy an air purifier for newborns

For the best baby air purifier which suits your baby, you need to be aware of the air purifiers to buy the most appropriate type of air purifier.

1. Choose the right features of baby air purifiers

On the market, there are unique types of air purifiers for babies, but choose air purifiers with features such as clearing bacteria, viruses to protect your baby’s health. Besides, families using air conditioning (summer), heaters (winter), should choose the model with more humidification, because air conditioning, heaters often make the air dry, baby easily suffers from respiratory diseases.

2. Proper use should not be too abusive

What you use too much is not good. Therefore, use an air purifier properly. Besides, you should not abuse features such as humidifying when it rains enough moisture already. This is just a waste. Medium humidity is good for the baby’s respiratory system, the best moisture for babies varies between 40-50%, the temperature between 20-30 degrees is safe.

For advanced air purifiers with ozone technology, used for a fixed period (until the odor is enough) because when used in excess, ozone can adversely affect baby health, especially young babies.

3. Place the device in a suitable position

Finding the right place for a baby air purifier can also affect your baby’s health, we recommend that you place it on a flat, stable, firm surface away from the baby’s position, limiting airflow to the person affecting health.

In rooms with air conditioners, the optimal location is just below the cold side of the air conditioner. This will help clean air getting dispersed throughout the room.Are Air Purifiers Safe for Newborns

What type of air purifier should use for a baby?

Babies and young babies are sensitive to the environment. Poor quality environment affects the health and development of the baby. So, air purifiers are a measure that parents help to protect their babies. However, many parents worried about what kind of air purifier is good for babies.

The air purifier recommended by experts for babies and newborns is the air purifier that uses a HEPA filter. The HEPA air purifier uses a HEPA filter capable of removing pollutants with a microscopic size of only 0.3 microns, creating nothing that affects human health.

We should note that there are types of air purifiers that produce ion, ozone, and so on which is not good for a baby.

The best baby air purifier is a device that uses a HEPA filter system and activated carbon. Hopefully, through this article, you can choose for yourself the most suitable air purifier.

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